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Fare Studio is a fares and contracts database for management of net fares and scheduled and charter allocations, providing blended search results for availability. It is fully integrated with GDS, net fares and low-cost airlines, as well as with Travel Studio, the market leading reservations system from Open Destinations.

The Technology

Fare Studio is designed for the rapid development of e-commerce applications. It has been developed in a 100% Microsoft platform which is maintained to run in the latest versions of Microsoft’s infrastructure, including SQL Server, Windows Server, Office and Internet Information Server (IIS). The Microsoft architecture allows for full scalability of the system, from smaller server environments to enterprise class systems for multi-national operators.

Managing Scheduled Contracts

To ensure that data is accurate and checked prior to reservations, Fare Studio follows a two-stage process prior to releasing a scheduled contract to be ‘on-sale.’ The system also has the ability to import and export information in an open ‘XML’ format, which allows different teams, possibly in different locations, to be able to enter and QA the contract. There is also an Excel import template and process designed to save your company time when entering contract data to the system.

Managing Allocations

Fare Studio is capable of loading hundreds of allocations of departures in a matter of minutes. There is an ‘easyload’ facility to generate multiple departures, given a date range and days of departure, and charter or scheduled group seat allocations are reduced automatically as seats are sold.

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