Sunstone Live – An On-Demand Webinar


Enjoy this On-Demand Sunstone launch recording. Industry leaders across commercial, transformation, and operations will share the thinking behind the latest release and how tour operators can effortlessly manage bookings and inventory and craft intricate itineraries.

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  • Optimised Operations: Master the art of effortlessly managing an increased volume of bookings with our advanced, intuitive platform, designed to reduce operational friction and enhance efficiency significantly.
  • Strategic Insights: Gain unparalleled insights into your supplier dynamics, forecast upcoming bookings, and pinpoint your most lucrative products, enabling informed strategic decisions that drive growth.
  • Accelerated Onboarding: Revolutionise staff productivity with a platform that simplifies onboarding, allowing your team to achieve peak performance rapidly.
  • Itinerary Excellence: Discover how to construct flawless, captivating itineraries with unmatched speed and precision, elevating the customer journey and setting your offerings apart.
  • Customer Intelligence: Dive deep into our enriched Control Centre to comprehensively understand your trade customers and their requirements, enabling personalised service delivery.
  • Advanced CRM Capabilities: Harness the power of the CRM B2C Module to manage customer profiles meticulously and purchasing trends, crafting bespoke experiences that foster loyalty and satisfaction.

This webinar isn’t just an introduction to a tool; it’s a strategic session to empower business leaders to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Speakers for the webinar

David Scott, CCO
David Scott

Chief Commercial Officer

Armed with 14 years of experience in the travel industry, David collaborates closely with both prospective and established clients of Open Destinations, shining a light on the transformative potential of technology in revolutionising the travel business landscaps.

John Davies

Chief Transformation Officer

Boasting an impressive track record spanning over two decades, John has spearheaded technology solutions across diverse industries, leaving his mark in the world of travel with his tenure at TUI and serving as the Chief Information Officer at MOSL.

Phil Napleton – Senior Vice President – Products open destinations
Philip Napleton

Chief Operations Officer

Phil has over 25 years of information systems management experience in the travel sector, including 13 years with Abercrombie & Kent, where he was CIO, responsible for a global network of inbound and outbound travel companies.