Case studies, reports & travel technology guides from Open Destinations

Webinar: 2024 Travel Studio Sunstone Launch

Watch the webinar hosted by David,John and Phil highlighting the features of the newly launched Travel Studio Sunstone. Find out how tour operators can effortlessly manage bookings and inventory and craft intricate itineraries.

Webinar: 2023 Tineri Live – Mobile Itineraries Made Better

Watch the webinar hosted by Tom Kelvin-Smith.The mobile app itinerary builder and walks though the software and how tour operators can connect travelers with the information they need, wherever they are.

Webinar: 2023 Travel Builder Live – Supercharged reservations for Tour Operators

Watch the webinar hosted by Adam Buckmaster and Tom Kelvin-Smith highlighting the features of Travel Builder for specialist Tour Operators.

Webinar: 2023 Travel Builder Live – Software to grow your DMC 
Watch the webinar hosted by Adam Buckmaster and Tom Kelvin-Smith highlighting the technologies enabling DMC to reduce time spent on taking reservations.

Webinar: Going Mobile – The Future of Travel Itineraries
Watch the webinar we co-hosted with ETOA to discover the benefits and opportunities that a mobile travel app can bring to your business and your travellers.

Case Study: Developing future-proof technology for a DMC business
Learn how Destination Asia expanded their technology to streamline their operations and deliver a more personalized experience to their B2B customers.

Report: Top 5 Technology Challenges in Tour Operating
A review of tour operator challenges during technology projects in 2015. Topics include future-proof technology, integrations with suppliers, cloud hosting and staffing resources.

Tour Operator’s Guide: Cloud Hosting
Is ‘the cloud’ the right fit for your business? This guide provides companies with a more in-depth needs analysis into the pros and cons of cloud hosting versus more traditional, ‘on-premise’ methods.

Report: Travel Technology – Quick Wins for Tour Operators
This report looks at short-term, tactical plans such as cloud hosting, integrating with 3rd parties and creating a supplier extranet to manage supplier communications.

Tour Operator’s Guide: Implementing New Technology
This guide looks at the various approaches you can take to a new technology project and provides a checklist of staffing resources to identify the gaps in your business.