Case studies, reports & travel technology guides from Open Destinations

Webinar: 2023 Tineri Live – Mobile Itineraries Made Better

Watch the webinar hosted by Tom Kelvin-Smith.The mobile app itinerary builder and walks though the software and how tour operators can connect travelers with the information they need, wherever they are.

Webinar: 2023 Travel Builder Live – Supercharged reservations for Tour Operators

Watch the webinar hosted by Adam Buckmaster and Tom Kelvin-Smith highlighting the features of Travel Builder for specialist Tour Operators.

Webinar: 2023 Travel Builder Live – Software to grow your DMC 
Watch the webinar hosted by Adam Buckmaster and Tom Kelvin-Smith highlighting the technologies enabling DMC to reduce time spent on taking reservations.

Webinar: Going Mobile – The Future of Travel Itineraries
Watch the webinar we co-hosted with ETOA to discover the benefits and opportunities that a mobile travel app can bring to your business and your travellers.

Case Study: Developing future-proof technology for a DMC business
Learn how Destination Asia expanded their technology to streamline their operations and deliver a more personalized experience to their B2B customers.

Report: Top 5 Technology Challenges in Tour Operating
A review of tour operator challenges during technology projects in 2015. Topics include future-proof technology, integrations with suppliers, cloud hosting and staffing resources.

Tour Operator’s Guide: Cloud Hosting
Is ‘the cloud’ the right fit for your business? This guide provides companies with a more in-depth needs analysis into the pros and cons of cloud hosting versus more traditional, ‘on-premise’ methods.

Report: Travel Technology – Quick Wins for Tour Operators
This report looks at short-term, tactical plans such as cloud hosting, integrating with 3rd parties and creating a supplier extranet to manage supplier communications.

Tour Operator’s Guide: Implementing New Technology
This guide looks at the various approaches you can take to a new technology project and provides a checklist of staffing resources to identify the gaps in your business.