In this latest edition of our Discovery Series, we shine a light on a selection of the ways in which the benefits of Open Destinations’ products and services filter through to the B2B or B2C customer or traveller. So what are they?


Responsive Functionality
Most of the operations run in our reservations systems Travel Studio and Travel Builder take place behind the scenes and are relatively far removed from the customer. However, some of our newest functionality is built on the understanding that a satisfied customer – whether B2B or B2C – is more likely to buy and to buy again. We’ve already talked about the benefits of our Caching Module and Drag & Drop Itinerary Builder from a revenue growth perspective, but they also enhance the customer experience. Both functionalities return information to the customer with increased speed – whether it’s proposed itineraries or accommodation availability. In any line of business, responsiveness is key to a satisfactory customer experience. Request a Travel Studio demo.


Knowing Your Customer
Travel Studio and Travel Builder come as standard with our CRM built specifically for travel companies. The customer data that can be stored in the CRM extends from what you’d expect such as name, email, phone number to customisable questions. It’s customisation functionality that makes our CRM stand out and enables our customers to really get to know theirs. For example, a tour operator selling cycling holidays using Travel Studio may have a customisable field for inside leg measurement. This means that repeat any customers making repeat bookings will be supplied with rental equipment in their size automatically. Request a Travel Builder Demo.


Traveller Mobile App
Our mobile app Tineri put itineraries in the hands of travellers via their smartphones. There are multiple features in the app designed to ensure an optimal experience for the end-traveller. These range from live chat and weather forecasts to daily itineraries and maps. Tineri makes it easy for travellers to stay abreast of their trip and activities and to get in touch with key contacts such as fellow travellers, the tour operator and other parties such as drivers and hotels. Request a Tineri demo. 


Agent Portal
A benefit for B2B customers, the agent portal within Travel Studio allows our customers to open up Travel Studio access to any travel agent. In this portal agents can amend their details, view bookings they have already made with you and make new bookings. By empowering agents to update their own data it decreases the risk of inaccuracies and means they can work and sell more efficiently.


Complaint Handling
Customer satisfaction in the travel industry is an extremely important factor. Providers, attractions and experiences rely hugely on good reviews and repeat bookings. Even the best tour operators receive complaints from time to time, especially at busy periods. In order to prevent them escalating and to keep the customer on side, it is essential that they are handled efficiently. Open Destinations’ Travel Outsourcing service provides a solution to larger tour operators who can benefit from increased resources to properly channel, organise and resolve customer complaints. One such example is the work we have done with and Jet2Holidays. Our work with this leading tour operator and airline has resulted in them being able to respond to complaints faster. Schedule a Travel Outsourcing consultation with our team.


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