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With around 95% of travellers taking a smart device of some kind with them when they travel, the age of paper itineraries is coming to an end, and going mobile makes it a lot easier for tour operators to create compelling, aesthetically impressive itineraries, maintain version control, easily issue changes, communicate effectively, and generally offer an enhanced service to the traveller.

So, as a tour operator, you’re convinced and you’ve launched your mobile app. The next step is to convince your customers, who are used to paper or PDFs, to share the mobile journey with you! Here are our tips for making sure your customers enjoy going mobile as much as you do…


Give your customers plenty of notice that they’ll be getting access to your mobile app – we recommend at least two weeks before they travel, to give them time to play around with the app and get used to it. Though if your app is simple and intuitive, like Tineri is, they’ll only need a few minutes to get to grips with it.


You know what the benefits of going mobile are, so make sure your customers know them too! Explain to them how much easier it is to access their tour information via an app versus carrying around a paper itinerary or scrolling through a PDF. Tell them the app means they can contact you or leave feedback on your trip at the push of a button. Show them how any changes you make to their tour will be communicated instantly. Point out the app’s various features such as maps, surveys, travel documents, hotel info and more.


Message your customers as soon as they download and log into the app, and also when they arrive in their destination. Not only does this encourage them to respond and use the app, it also shows them that you’re only an instant  message away and are taking customer service very seriously.


Everybody likes to feel special, so offer your mobile app users a few unique benefits – discounted extras, hotel welcome drinks or discounts when you show the app, discounts on future tours, free gifts and so on. Point out how much quicker your customer service team can respond when a customer is using the app, as opposed to email.


Customers love to give feedback (both positive and negative), and tour operators should see it as an opportunity rather than a problem. Encourage feedback, respond to it, and show you appreciate it and take it seriously. And after the tour, use the app to continue the conversation and hopefully get repeat business from the customer.

We hope these tips will help you get more of your customers using your mobile app. And if you haven’t gone mobile yet, contact us today to find out how Tineri can transform the way you deliver customer content and look after your clients before, during and after their trip!

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