The travel technology experts at Open Destinations will be bringing a new technology perspective to the conference programme this year, with a speaker session targeted towards tour operators and wholesalers facing e-commerce challenges.

The speaker session, titled ‘how to execute a successful e-commerce strategy for tour operators and wholesalers’, promises to take TTE visitors on a journey through the successful implementation of an e-commerce strategy.  The session will highlight all areas that need to be considered from both an organisational and technological point of view for operators who want to host a B2B or B2C interface.

‘There is a perception out there for many operators that growing your e-commerce business means a huge financial investment in IT infrastructure,’ says Kevin O’Sullivan, CEO of Open Destinations. ‘We work with a wide variety of operators across the globe and we know that every business has unique demands from their customers.  We take the approach that the most important discussion centres on matching up the operator’s infrastructure with their customer’s behaviour.’

The session will take visitors through a real life case study with a UK-based travel wholesaler, showcasing their high volume website and back-end processes.  The presentation will examine all technical and human resource considerations when publishing a B2B and B2C API and make it sustainable for the long term. Discussions will focus around the advantages and the challenges surrounding search and availability, speed, latency, implementation, customer support and monitoring.

‘How to execute a successful e-commerce strategy for tour operators and wholesalers’ will take place at the Live Theatre at Travel Technology Europe on 5 February at 16:15.  Speakers from Open Destinations will include Kevin O’Sullivan, CEO and Brian Mebourne, Senior Vice President of Technology.

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