For tour operators, travel agencies and DMCs, having control over their back, mid and front office operations is of paramount importance. Now mobile technology has developed and become commonplace in travel, providers have control over their customers during and after their trips too.

But where should travel providers aim to increase control? And what can they expect to achieve by taking it?


The following 12 areas are great examples of where the use of an end-to-end reservation system, such as Travel Studio, can help customers seize control of their operations. 

Product Management
Effective product management can be achieved via a reservation system whereby the software enables users to manage through one single source and sell through multiple channels.

Reservations Management
Managing bookings online, creating quotes, confirming reservations and adjusting availability, controlling cancellations and refunds, generating supplier documentations, itineraries, invoices and more.

Yield Management 
Controlling the prices at which your products sell. Making immediate price adjustments with our reservation systems to flex your prices based on defined business conditions including availability levels and travel and booking date ranges.

The myriad of customisation options in our Travel Studio, Travel Builder and Tineri App solutions. Whilst our products and functionalities are tried, tested and proven, we also recognise the flexibility required in the travel industry. For instance, Tineri customers can pick and choose the features displayed on their app, brand it as their own and use custom menus to link to third party content using iFrames.

Market-Specific Pricing 
Creating multiple tiers of pricing to distribute your product to different markets and channels.

Automated Workflow 
End-to-end reservation systems like Travel Studio, enable you to customise settings in order to fully automate your workflow. With manual intervention possible as well as the ability to configure all aspects of the booking journey, control meets simplicity.

Pulling out pre-built reports on demand ranging from pricing to customer and supplier sales, to custom reports. The data gleaned from these reports can be transformed into valuable insights and keep you abreast of what is happening in the system and with your team.

Specific Selling Policies
Controlling the prices that each agent sees and displays in your website or portal. For example, preferential or market-specific rates.

Supplier Extranet
A supplier extranet is a valuable component of a reservation system. It enables your suppliers update rates and availability, confirm requests, access arrival and traveller information, create invoices and requests for payment, manage descriptions and images.

Comprehensive CRM built specifically for B2B and B2C travel companies. Store and segment data to target your agencies, suppliers or customers.

Agent Login 
Offer different price types to different agents. Agents can view historical booking info, make new bookings and update their details.


Besides reservation systems, Open Destinations offer mobile technology and specialist Travel Outsourcing services. Both are designed and structured to boost productivity amongst our customers and to help them manage their businesses.

Mobile Presence 
Easily communicate with their customers before, after and now also during the trip via their mobile devices. Mobile tech means that you can still ensure travellers’ positive experience once they have set off on their trip.

Tineri App enables our customers to engage travellers before, during and after their trip.

At Open Destinations we provide some of the leading brands in travel with a bespoke outsourcing service. By supplying travel providers with teams that are a dedicated extension of their own we can free our customers from the shackles of back-office administration. From this position they can focus on and control the more strategic elements of the business that need their attention.

Talk to our team about taking control of your tour operator, wholesaler or destination management business via technology or outsourcing. 

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