Job Title: Technical Architect
Job Location: Goa, India
Reporting Manager: Principal/Lead Architect

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Technical Architect specializing in Microsoft Technologies to join our
travel technology company. As a Technical Architect, you will play a pivotal role in designing, implementing, and
overseeing the architecture of our software solutions. You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams,
including developers, project managers, and business stakeholders, to ensure the successful delivery of scalable,
secure, and high-performing systems.

– Design and develop architectural solutions using Microsoft Technologies, with a focus on scalability, performance,
and security, ensuring alignment with business objectives, technical requirements, and industry best practices.
– Define and document system architecture, including components, modules, interfaces, and data flows.
– Evaluate and recommend appropriate technologies, frameworks, and tools to meet project requirements and
enhance the overall system architecture.
– Provide technical guidance and mentorship to development teams, fostering a culture of excellence in software
engineering practices.
– Collaborate with stakeholders to understand business needs, translate requirements into technical solutions, and
ensure successful delivery within defined timelines.
– Conduct feasibility studies and impact assessments to evaluate potential technical solutions, identifying risks and
proposing mitigation strategies.
– Stay updated on emerging technologies, industry trends, and best practices, and assess their applicability to enhance
existing systems and drive innovation.
– Conduct code reviews and perform technical quality assurance to maintain code standards, performance
optimization, and scalability.
– Work closely with infrastructure teams to ensure the availability, scalability, and security of the software systems.
– Collaborate with project managers to estimate project efforts, plan resource allocation, and ensure successful project
– Act as a subject matter expert in resolving complex technical issues and providing guidance on system enhancements
and architectural improvements.

– Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.
– Proven experience as a Technical Architect or a similar role, with a strong background in software development and
architecture design.
– Expertise in designing and implementing large-scale, enterprise-level software solutions.
– Proficient in a variety of programming languages and technologies, such as C#, .NET, JavaScript, Angular, React, SQL
Server, etc.
– In-depth knowledge of architectural patterns, design principles, and software engineering best practices.
– Desiring to get their hands dirty-do the work, not just manage FTEs.
– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to think strategically and provide innovative solutions.
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate with cross-functional
teams and stakeholders.
– Proven leadership abilities, with a track record of successfully leading and mentoring development teams.
– Strong business acumen and the ability to align technical decisions with organizational goals.
– Experience in agile methodologies and familiarity with DevOps practices is a plus.
– Relevant certifications, such as Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect, are highly desirable.

Key Performance Indicators
-Solution Scalability: Measure the architect’s ability to design scalable solutions by assessing the scalability of the
systems they architect. This can be quantified by monitoring factors such as system response time, concurrent user
capacity, and the ability to handle increasing volumes of data or transactions.
-Security and Compliance: Evaluate the architect’s effectiveness in ensuring the security and compliance of the
software solutions. This can be measured by monitoring adherence to security standards, successful implementation
of security controls, and compliance with industry regulations such as GDPR or PCI-DSS.
-Technical Leadership: Assess the architect’s capability to provide technical leadership to the development teams by
evaluating their ability to guide and mentor others, drive the adoption of best practices, and promote continuous
learning within the technical team.
Solution Quality: Measure the architect’s impact on solution quality by assessing the overall stability, reliability, and
performance of the software solutions they architect. This can be measured through metrics such as bug/incident
rates, customer satisfaction surveys, and system uptime.
-Innovation and Technical Excellence: Evaluate the architect’s contribution to innovation and technical excellence
within the organization. This can be measured by considering factors such as the introduction of new technologies or
approaches, successful implementation of proof-of-concepts, and contributions to technical forums or communities.

Note: These KPIs would be tailored to the specific goals and objectives of the organization and the responsibilities
assigned to the role with focus on having clear and measurable targets for each KPI, aligned with the organization’s
overall strategy and objectives.

Join our team and contribute to building cutting-edge software solutions that drive business success. Apply your
technical expertise, leadership skills, and architectural prowess to shape the future of our organization’s technology
landscape. To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining your relevant experience and why you
believe you are the perfect fit for this role.

Note: This job description serves as a general overview. Actual responsibilities and requirements may vary depending
on the specific needs of the company.


Please send your CV or any further questions relating to this role to [email protected].