Minister for IT and Tourism inaugurates new Open Destinations office in GOA.

Equipped with the latest cutting-edge amenities and more space to grow, Open Destinations was joined by the Minister for IT and Tourism to mark a new chapter in the development of local Technology and Business Support Services Talent.

On the 29th of October, the Open Destinations Tech and Business Support Services teams celebrated a significant milestone with the inauguration of its new office facility in Goa. The ceremony was joined by the Honourable Minister for IT and Tourism, GOA, Rohan Khaunte, alongside our Founder & CEO, Kevin O’Sullivan, and Director and CFO, Dev Pinto to cut the ribbon, and officially open the new office.

On the year Open Destinations turns 25, the team, based in GOA and London, has grown into a global force in Travel Tech and Business Support Services, with over 650+ travel tech and outsourcing experts in Goa. This new and improved office is a giant leap, reflecting its dedication to nurturing talent. The new Open Destinations’ Goa base is equipped with cutting-edge amenities, reiterating the company’s pledge to furnish a vibrant and stimulating work habitat. Find us here on our locations page. The inauguration was adorned with a traditional lamp-lighting ritual, profound dialogues, and a cake-cutting ceremony to symbolise the sweetness of new beginnings.

Hon. Minister, Rohan Khaunte, a strong advocate for IT and Tourism Development in Goa, emphasised the importance of such ventures in boosting employment opportunities and driving economic growth in the state. He stated, “Open Destinations’ journey from its inception in Goa to becoming a global technology leader is truly inspiring. Their commitment to Goa’s growth and their role in creating job opportunities is commendable.

Founder & CEO, Kevin O’Sullivan shared insights into the company’s foundation, its journey, and the future roadmap. “Open Destinations was built on the belief that technology can transform the travel industry. Our journey has been extraordinary, and our vision for the future is even more promising. We value our exceptional team here in Goa, whose dedication has been instrumental in our success.”

Dev Pinto, Director and CFO, added, “Our journey from a modest beginning in Goa as a technology company has evolved into becoming a global leader in both technology and business support services for the travel industry. We have now have many leading travel companies from around the world using our services. Our growth is testament to the dedication and resilience of our team. We look forward to continuing this incredible journey, driven by our core values and the passion of our people.”

Milind Anvekar, SVP, Operations, acknowledged the unwavering support of the team in Goa and the significance of this new office. He said, “Our team has been at the heart of our growth story. This new office reflects our commitment to creating a conducive environment for innovation and collaboration. It positions us to serve our clients better and continue our journey of excellence.”

As Open Destinations steps into this exciting new office, it reaffirms its commitment to innovation, growth, customer excellence and developing the future technology talent of Goa. For those wanting to join our growing team, jump over to our careers page.