Introducing SunStone at WTM London

Unveiling the latest Travel Studio upgrade

Open Destinations is set to launch the newest iteration of its flagship product, Travel Studio, this upcoming winter season. Dubbed “SunStone”, this latest release of Travel Studio is laser-focused on delivering enhanced Information Access and faster User Performance through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.  

Recognising the impact of seamless User Experience (UX) on day-to-day software operations, Sunstone aims to reduce the time spent searching for crucial information. This improvement empowers users to operate more efficiently, providing them with the right information precisely when needed.  

Travel industry professionals can get a sneak peek of this comprehensive upgrade at November’s 2023 World Travel Market (WTM) event. For an early look at SunStone, book a demo at WTM.


Available to use in early 2024, the impact of these advancements will be seen across three new modules: 

CRM Module – B2B 

This innovative module equips users with seamless control over all aspects of DMCs, Incentive Houses and Tour Operators, providing comprehensive insights into ongoing journeys and experiences through a user-friendly interface. SunStone helps users gain: 

  • Financial Clarity: Effortlessly track invoices, expenses, and financial details, leading to improved financial planning and transparency.
  • Interaction Management: Users can efficiently oversee their interactions with DMCs, from trip bookings to enquiries, with a few clicks. 
  • Policy Management: Maintain control over pricing policies, client categories, commission structures, payment terms, and group defaults. 
  • Strengthened Relationships: Access agent records to gain insights into active inquiries, average spending, outstanding balances, and available credits. 
  • Manage profile bookings: Access lists of people working at the company, including their roles and which enquiries or bookings they have made. Manage online access to online access to the B2B portal if implemented.

CRM Module for Direct Clients – B2C

In the ever-evolving travel industry landscape, the personalisation of itineraries and relationships has emerged as a crucial determinant for Tour Operators striving to maintain and retain their invaluable customer base. With the introduction of the redeveloped and improved UI Module for Passengers and Customers, users are empowered to swiftly identify pivotal trends and gain insights into customer profiles. This includes: 

  • Customer Purchasing Patterns: Identify customer interactions, recent travel history, average expenditure, and outstanding balances. 
  • Communication Handling: Easily track campaigns, brochures, and feedback sent to passengers and customers. Access contact details, linked contacts, related memberships, and audit history quickly. 
  • Related Contacts: Quickly establish relationships with any person in the CRM and whether they share a household. 
  • Streamlined Activity Oversight: Utilise the dashboard to manage enquiries seamlessly and make necessary amendments and changes effortlessly. 
  • Financial Progress: Monitor user notes, system notes, and unused invoices for streamlined financial management.  
  • Client credits: Create and re-use credits for future bookings from within the CRM profile.

Supplier Management 

Managing supplier relationships is integral to a Tour Operator’s success, directly impacting the quality, availability, and variety of offerings and the competitiveness and reputation in the travel industry. With the intuitive design improvements, Managing Supplier Relationships will benefit Tour Operators in several ways: 

  • Minimising Risks: Effectively manage potential disruptions like unexpected events or changes in supplier availability – proactively reducing negative impacts on operations. 
  • Commercial Terms and Payment Management: Track client and supplier payment terms and cancellation policies, aiding informed proposal decisions. 
  • Efficient Product and Category Management: Easily modify services, packages, groups, and affiliations within supplier records. 
  • Quality Assurance: Uphold high standards in accommodations, transportation, experiences, and more through rigorous quality assurance practices. 
  • Product visibility: Consolidate all products available from the supplier and a range of critical indicators to help manage the relationship.


With an impressive user base of over 10,000 and a staggering 250 million searches daily, Travel Studio is the market’s leading Reservations Management Solution. Bolstered by a team of over 150 dedicated Software Developers, Travel Studio places your organisation at the core of every implementation – catering to your current and future operational needs. 

Be a part of an exclusive preview by visiting our dedicated WTM Events Page and book a meeting with us to dive deeper into the transformative potential of SunStone.