On track for a sustainable future of rail travel

On track for a sustainable future of rail travel

The Global Carbon Project has estimated that emissions from aviation were reduced by up to  60% at the height of the pandemic. As the industry recovers, travellers have definitely been inspired to think about more environmentally friendly ways to take their vacations. Rail is going to be the winner from this shift.

Governments are investing in clean travel

Governments all over the world are investing more in low emission transportation such as Rail as a key lever in tackling climate change and air quality. Recently, the French government announced new measures to cut domestic flights by banning flights under 2.5 hours when a clear rail alternative is available, while the Austrian government has announced the replacement of the Vienna-Salzburg flight route with trains. It’s great news for Rail operators. But are they ready for the upturn in demand?

To get prepared Rail Operators will need more sophisticated, reliable and efficient reservations systems.

Travel Studio from Open Destinations is the answer. Travel Studio delivers the cutting-edge technology that is driving the sales success of some of the world’s leading Rail Operators serving the travel and tourism industry. 

Travel Studio: supporting Rail Operator growth across the world

Powered by Travel Studio, PeruRail is a great example of a Rail Operator that has captured a market that aviation could not. PeruRail’s local train service is the only mode of transport available for the communities of Machu Picchu. PeruRail not only provides a low emission travel solution, but they endeavour to preserve and care for the environment in the areas in which they operate. This eco-friendly ethos has attracted environmentally conscious tourists from around the world. To manage passenger volume, PeruRail turned to Open Destinations. Travel Studio uses ticketing functionality that allows PeruRail to scale up quickly when reservations increase, while the auto-seating algorithm saves time and reduces manual processes in busy booking periods.

On the other side of the world, Travel Studio is also supporting Rovos Rail in South Africa. In recent years, Rovos has seen a spike in leisure rail trips, with passengers not only thinking about getting from A to B sustainably, but also incorporating rail travel into their entire holiday. Rovos Rail does just this. Their trains link some of Africa’s greatest destinations with a variety of off-train excursions. To deal with these complex rail packages, Rovos use Travel Studio to mix and match routes and excursions and build them into packages quickly and easily. The software has helped them capture an influx of passengers who want to take in the views without damaging the planet. For Rail Operators the opportunities are huge in this new age of travel.

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