The future of travel is in our hands (literally!) It’s Tineri, from Open Destinations

Today, there are over 3.2 billion smartphone users in the world, and according to a recent survey we check our phones every 12 minutes during a typical day! No surprise then that mobile is the channel where we’re also getting informed and inspired when it comes to our travel planning and booking.


But Open Destinations is going further. Our new mobile travel app Tineri aims to make the on-trip experience a whole lot better too.


It’s full of features to make travel much easier; accommodation, flight and transport information including live updates on changes, travel updates or delays plus a complete day-to-day itinerary breakdown, all on a simple, intuitive mobile app interface. There is also access to maps, to view vital information such as hotel locations, full personalised excursion details, plus recommendations for food and sightseeing. It all takes the pressure off travellers when ‘on-trip’, leaving them to focus on fun, rather than grappling with logistics. And if itinerary, schedule or route changes occur, Tineri leaves travellers perfectly placed to make the most of valuable time to enjoy, instead of searching for or waiting for information.


But there’s more! Tineri’s automatic currency converter makes the business of paying much easier as prices are shown in the traveller’s own choice of currency. An in-built language translator can also make communication with locals easier and more enjoyable for a richer and smoother experience.


For travellers the benefits are endless. But Tineri is designed by Open Destinations for Tour Operators.


For travel professionals, Tineri takes care of your customers when they are out ‘on the road’, keeping them in touch with up-to-date information and reducing the amount of time and effort that you may have previously needed for ‘on-trip’ customer support and servicing. That means reduced staff resources for logistics and more time to offer enhanced services and better trips to your customers.


As well as boasting all of these features, Tineri is also available in 11 languages including Spanish, French and Chinese, so you can communicate with your customers worldwide in their language of choice.


And more tech development is the pipeline! In the near future, the Tineri Store will allow your customers to book tours, transfers and much more via the app and get instant confirmations, with real-time availability. That means increased revenue opportunities for your Tour Operator.

Open Destinations is building technology that is revolutionising day-to-day work for Tour Operators, ensuring that their customers feel safe, informed and connected, ready to embrace their next adventure.


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