Tour operating is a complicated business at the best of times, but MICE travel (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events) takes it to a whole new level of complexity. With big – often huge – groups [arriving on different flights at different times], multiple hotels & venues, activities, last-minute changes, and hundreds of enquiries, requests and complaints from clients and participants to contend with, organising MICE trips can give even the most unflappable tour operator sleepless nights.

If your company is facing challenges like the above, you may not be aware that a mobile technology solution could be the answer. An app would not only make your life easier from an organisational perspective, but impress your client too.

We recently provided our mobile solution Tineri to a Singaporean company for their 2018 convention, which was attended by over 2000 delegates – all of whom used the app during the event!

Here are 5 ways that using an app will add the WOW factor to your MICE events…


Using a mobile solution to manage MICE events makes life easy for the tour operator, with all trip content – itinerary, accommodation, flights, tickets etc – stored in one place. And, given that nearly all attendees will be carrying a smartphone, it’s easy for them to access all the details they need without having to carry around stacks of paper.

Although it would be nice if everything always went according to plan, last-minute changes will always need to be made. But these needn’t require you to send out mass emails or reprint documents, instead just sync and update the app.

Finally, using an online signup form, attendees can sign up for the event and the app themselves, reducing the workload on your operations team.


Hundreds (or even thousands) of participants; multiple operations staff; multiple guides/organisers; a highly complex itinerary that is changing all the time; last-minute changes & tweaks…it’s no wonder that sometimes wires get crossed and different people get different versions of the event programme. A mobile app solves that problem by providing one unique view of the itinerary, with any changes being automatically synced with participants’ phones, to make sure everyone’s reading from the same page.

Organising MICE trips is all about presentation, creating a spectacular and memorable event that will delight your client and their participants. Make sure you start creating an impression before the event even starts by sending out your documentation in the form of a stylish mobile app with your or your client’s branding. No more dog-eared paper itineraries, just a smooth, interactive, user-friendly experience! And if your client wants paper, a good mobile solution should be able to generate a PDF version of the programme at the touch of a button.


1000 attendees, staying in 5 different hotels, travelling on 30 different buses, taking part in 30 different activities over 6 days. How on earth do you communicate with them all? Use a mobile app and you can chat to them via your desktop or phone, and you can also subdivide them into groups – and push notifications will make sure they all get the message. And attendees can use the app to chat to each other and share photos or video taken during the event.

Getting feedback from large groups can be a real headache – it’s astonishing how many tour operators and hotels still use archaic paper questionnaires. With a mobile app, you can get the feedback you want when you want it – daily surveys (with push notifications) will make sure you’re getting feedback right from day 1 of the trip. With intelligence coming in promptly, you have the chance to put things right if there are any issues. Additionally, end of trip surveys mean you can gather opinions from attendees as soon as the trip ends and generate reports to see which components of the event worked – and which didn’t.

Convinced yet? Either way, we’d thoroughly recommend you to schedule a Tineri for MICE demo and/or a free one-month trial. Tineri is a proven, award-winning mobile solution for all kinds of travel providers and will help you create smooth-running, memorable MICE events. Click here to download our MICE presentation or sign up for our MICE demo, or email us on [email protected] to discuss your requirements.


We recently provided a US-based healthcare company with our mobile solution to support their two big Southeast Asia 2018 MICE events. Download the case study to find out more.