When we’re talking to travel companies about Tineri, the most common question we get asked is “How do I get my content on there?” We know that tour operating is pretty labour-intensive, and that your staff can’t afford to spend any more time on a booking than necessary – so that’s why we’ve developed numerous ways for you to get your content into our CMS and onto your travellers’ phones!


A few weeks ago we released the Tineri API which enables your existing systems to talk to Tineri and export your booking data straight into our CMS, without any manual input. Built on JSON, our API makes it easy for your tech team to push your existing content into Tineri, by either running your own API scripts or by using an API tool such as Postman or cURL.

If you’re an existing user of Travel Studio, then we have already completed phase 1 of the integration with Tineri, which allows you to push your Travel Studio bookings into the Tineri CMS. Phase 2 will see Tineri built into Travel Studio v2.0 itself.

If you already have your tour content nicely laid out in a PDF, Tineri’s upcoming PDF upload feature allows you to display these within the app. Itineraries, hotel descriptions, maps, guide bios and much more can be uploaded into Tineri’s CMS to be displayed in the app.

We have built Excel templates that allow you to import bookings, clients, guides, hotels and more into Tineri. Or you can tailor your existing Excel files – if you have them – to our existing format so that our CMS can read them.

Tineri’s iframes feature allows you to display HTML/website content in the app, so that it looks as if it is a part of the app itself. All you need to do is put the content URL in the relevant field and bingo, your content appears in the app!

You can also directly type, or copy/paste, your content into our user-friendly CMS. Once all your basic data (hotels, guides, users etc) is uploaded, adding a new booking is a fairly simple process. And, if you’re doing off-the-shelf tours or set departures, adding new bookings couldn’t be simpler – just click the ‘Copy’ button!

Our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) team in are ready to help you if you want to outsource your Tineri processes. We can upload your basic content, and even maintain your bookings for you, so all you have to do is tell your travellers about the app.


Want to find out more? Get in touch via the form on our Contact page or schedule a tailored Tineri demo today!