Any reputable reservation system should enable the tour operator, travel agent or Destination Management Company using it to set up end-to-end automation through the booking process. The obvious advantage of this is that it takes out a lot of the man power that was previously required to run the process manually. This can eliminate human error and inefficiency, and also mean your team can concentrate their efforts in other key areas.


Many reservation systems available today include functionality that lets the user easily see where they are performing and conversely, where they are under performing. For example, tour operators and DMCs using our systems – Travel Studio and Travel Builder – can produce extremely granular reports via Crystal Reports that can show a wide range of data including agent sales performance, tour sales rankings, revenue by time period and much much more. Better visibility of performance provides evidence that is essential for key decision making when it comes to maximising profits and minimising losses.


In order for the end-to-end automation that is fundamental to a powerful reservation system to operate, user controls are essential. Primarily they are essential in the setup stage to fine tune automated processes and also to make changes at any time. Our systems, Travel Studio and Travel Builder feature various financial controls. For example our dynamic yield rules engine enables customers to make immediate price adjustments to flex their prices based on defined business conditions. All financial controls can be set to maximise profitability in the context of the business environment and backed up by information available to see in reports.


Our technology and services improve our customers responsiveness in a number of ways and each one can lead to increase revenues. One such example of this is our caching functionality means end-users are served up prices and availability far more quickly during a web search. By serving up results more quickly, booking conversion is boosted.


With our multitude of existing supplier links and integrations with airlines, GDSs, bedbanks, channel managers, wholesalers and transport providers, our customers can offer their travellers more choice when it comes to booking. The list of suppliers to which we’re connected is not finite and grows constantly based on our customers’ requirements.


An automated reservation system offers the capacity and functionality required to handle a large volume of bookings. More booking = more revenues = growth. This advantage is especially important for tour operators or DMCs managing their bookings through a spreadsheet manually as it is always limited.


To find out more about how our Travel Builder & Travel Studio reservation systems can deliver growth to you tour operator or DMC business, email [email protected]