The Role of Personalisation in Group Travel

It’s clear, personalisation reigns supreme across the Travel industry. From conference talks to management meetings, it’s talked about everywhere. With customised itineraries and tailored recommendations on the rise, we’ve come to expect that products and services are almost built around us.

With Travel focused around individual travellers, why is its significance within group travel often overlooked?

Designing Authentic Experiences

The concept of personalisation in travel is not merely a passing trend; it’s a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour. For the financial planners among us, the personalised travel and experiences market was valued at $91.2 billion in 2020 and is projected to soar to $447.3 billion by 2030, suggesting this is only going in one direction.

Phocusright also stated that 42% of consumers classify a “good trip” as having an authentic experience, whereas 52% of “bad trips” are based on misinformation and wasted experiences, putting further pressure on travel suppliers to find the pearl of (data-driven) wisdom, which can turn a consumer into an advocate.

Catering to the Masses

When you consider the impact one person can have armed with a Google comment or review, individualising packages are just as crucial when travelling as a group. The enormous pressure on operators to make sure each package is correct, so not to missing a seat on a bus, an allergy at a restaurant, or a room a hotel, it must be a logistical nightmare when changes occur. 

Traditional booking systems often struggle to accommodate these unique requirements, leading to inefficiencies and frustration for travellers and organisers. Solutions like Travel Studio have been built around tour operators with this challenge in mind, streamlining processes and enabling them to manage costs and experiences effectively while catering to the specific needs of each passenger category.

Moreover, personalisation in Travel Studio extends beyond cost management to encompass the entire travel experience, from allocating passenger groups into subgroups to facilitating seamless communication through group inquiries and itineraries. Helping make the no-so-simple question of “how much?” easier when costs are quickly generated, whatever the total numbers of passengers or the passenger types, taking the stress out of building tailored itineraries, increasing the chances of conversation.

Take, for example, Road Scholar, a leading provider of educational tours, who embraced the transformative power of Travel Studio. They leveraged the platform’s robust capabilities to enhance their ability to deliver enriching experiences that resonate with its diverse clientele, stating, “Travel Studio is providing us with a business framework for the long-term’.

Automating Group Tour Packages

The role of individuality in group travel cannot be overstated. Tour operators and wholesalers are adapting their strategies to meet the demand for personalised experiences as consumer expectations continue to evolve. Purpose-built Group Booking Solutions like Travel Studio give operators the tools needed for personalisation in an increasingly competitive landscape. Using a solution like Travel Studio allows:

  • Efficient Cost Management: Managing costs for particular group types including guides, tour leaders and drivers.
  • Subgroup Management: Allocating large groups into smaller subgroups and effortlessly accommodate restrictions like museum fees, helping to tailor your itineraries to suit the needs of each subgroup, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.
  • Speedy Communication: Rapid response times where it’s easy to build itineraries with various version of the same itinerary, speeding up the process of sending enquiries and itineraries to travel agents or group leaders.
  • Error Reduction: Reducing mistakes with automation and personal preferences set directly within the platform.

Travel Studio has been refined over 25 years to meet the specialist needs of Tour Operators, DMCs, and Wholesalers. Take a look today to discover to capture the needs of your group travel operations, delivering exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impression on every traveller.