Brand Tineri as your own at app store level with your own logo, name, images, screenshots and copy. The generic Tineri app is shown above.

Tour operators and DMCs using Open Destinations’ mobile itinerary app, Tineri, have the option to go with a white-label solution. Whilst all customers can brand Tineri app as their own within the app itself, only white-label customers can use their branding at App and Play Store level.

The main reason Tineri is used by some of our customers, is to build brand awareness, increase brand engagement and drive loyalty. If you are considering a travel app for your business and find these to be important benefits, then you should most certainly consider a fully white-label option. The itinerary app is part of the travel experience that end-users will enjoy and associate with your brand. Therefore, it has a role to play in encouraging them to re-book with you for future trips and recommending you to others.

Having your own app in Google and Apple Stores is a welcome added touch when it comes to showcasing your brand and capabilities to travellers. It pushes your brand into an extra touch-point that you can own and ensure is branded. While a non white-label app is downloaded as Tineri with a generic app description and stock images, a white-label app is downloaded with your brand name, logo, description and images. There will be no mention of Tineri or Open Destinations whatsoever, just your brand.

While all Tineri customers can use their logo within the app, only white-label customers can rename features and replace app menu icons with their own.

The benefits of a white-label app aren’t just restricted to the app stores either. Customers who go fully branded can request additional style and design changes within the app too. The capability change the menu item names and icons is exclusive to white-label customers. For example, in order to better reflect their product offer, one of our customers decided to change ‘About Trip’ to ‘Welcome to Japan’.


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