Alaska Railroad gets on board with Rail Studio

As the travel industry steadily returns to pre-pandemic levels of business, Open Destinations is marking another milestone in its travel technology timeline with the launch of our end-to-end Rail Management, Product Packaging and Reservations System, Rail Studio.

Rail Studio is in high demand, demonstrated by Alaska Railroad’s decision implement the system to provide an improved, seamless booking process for its more than 500,000 passengers per year. Rail Studio is streamlining the B2B & B2C booking process for effortless reservation creation, offering a future-proof system that improves customer experience as well as improving Alaska Railroad’s bottom line.

Alaska Railroad’s service operates year-round, but in the summer season, from mid-May to mid-September, as business grows exponentially, it is essential that Alaska has the most flexible and scalable reservation system to maximise on-demand. Rail Studio allows Alaska to build and manage seats prior to departure, with an easy-to-use interface meaning seasonal staff can pick up the system quickly and generate printable boarding passes in just a few clicks.

In addition to ticket functionality, Rail Studio also supports Alaska’s wide variety of unique day trips and excursions, from black and brown bear watching in the wilds of Anchorage to zip lining over the tundra in Denali. Open Destinations’ software simplifies the package building process, with intuitive automation Alaska can pick and mix from their extensive tour options quickly, saving time and embracing the exciting future of rail travel.

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